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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Have you ever visiting your grandpa old house? Have you ever listen to their story about their old house looks like? One common model of their old house design were small bathroom, it’s just 5-8 feet in average. Oh man, that quite small bathroom for a millenial generation.

And now, do you still have small bathroom in your house? And, do you want to make it something looks bigger? If you do, don’t worry, here we will give you some ideas you can use for remodelling your small bathroom.

Compact Commode

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This compact design features full bath feature with a wall-hung toilet. By putting down the tank inside the wall, you can have 9 inches extra space in the center of the room. And here, by using transparant and clear glass shower door, skylight will flood the space with natural light as well as removing visual barriers.

Day at the Beach

Staggering 4 piece bathroom designs #Tinyspace #Vanities #Apartmenttherapy #Masterbathroomideas

By removing two small closets and using ambient lighning, this home owners have opened up some space as well as create an illusion of larger room. Furthermore, by incorporating the tub and toilet, the little width remained were use for incorporating the usefull shallow cabinet. And, the most favorite detail from this room, reviewed by the expert, is the playful “dry riverbed” stones in the floor.

Zen Escape

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The size of this room called attention to an eyesore: an off-center, aluminum-framed window. A floor-to-ceiling Shoji screen took care of that by concealing the flaw, while letting light through. A 7-foot framed mirror, hung horizontally, spans the entire length of the room and reflects the ladder towel rack, which adds storage without taking up floor space.

Eastern Oasis

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The idea of this design is to create vertical room impression for small guest bath. This design could be achieved by putting a free standing vanity with elongated fixtures, a personalized bamboo mirror as well as ladder tower rack. By combining soft color palettes and dark wood accent, the space will looks in balance. Furthermore, an artistic relief panels were added to make this stunning room without comletely waliing of light.

Glass Grandeur

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Using a curved glass countertop and hand-applied 1-inch Bizazza glass tiles that imitate the stroking curve of the fixtures, a spaciousness and artistic feeling will delivered to them who use this bathroom. The high ceiling, combined wih deep amethyst color wash, will aesthetically reduce the height of the room which felt “ like a tunnel” to the homeowners.

Hacienda-Style Bath

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This guest bath is funished with a miniature custom sideboard, a rich red travertine table as well as a copper vessel. Shower draperies with distinctive pattern and hanmade ceramics provide comfort sense while using this room. Thank to selective furnishing accesories, although the furnitures and accesories used quite a lot, this room did not feel cramped and narrow.

His-and-Her Bath

Astonishing washroom design ideas #Tinyspace #Vanities #Apartmenttherapy #Masterbathroomideas

In this design, an illusion of a larger room achieved by using continuous horizontal line, a large frameless mirror as well as well-place task lightning. In addition, by using the marble-clad dividing wall, the modesty looks were delivered to the toilet area as well as creating recessed storage space. Furthermore, the shower has a curbless entry to eliminate demarcation of the limited footprint.

Modern Makeover

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This vanity continues the lesson of creating a bold focal point in a small space. The upper walls of this ultra-feminine retreat are upholstered in padded silk, but the stainless steel backsplash adds a rugged accent.

Retro Redo

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This homeowner wanted a nostalgic style with a contemporary twist. Trumpet-shaped sconces flank an oval mirror that conceals a medicine cabinet. A frameless shower door extends the visual expanse of the space, while allowing unobstructed views of oversized subway and amber glass tilework.

Rich, Asian-Inspired Design

Spectacular very tiny bathroom ideas #Tinyspace #Vanities #Apartmenttherapy #Masterbathroomideas

The homeowner want you to feel the atmosphere of 1980s style combined by the touch of contemporary Asian design. As you can see from the picture, the powder room canity were inspired by Japanese kaidantansu (stepped chest). The use of various dark colors makes the walls of the small space recede.

Tone and Texture

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It’s not uncommon to create attention-commanding focal points in compact spaces. This powder room vanity is crafted with smooth, flaxen veneer and is topped with a cast bronze basin and patina counter. Recessed lighting around the large mirror illuminates any reflection.

Small and Simple

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These homeowners wanted to “keep it simple and do it well.” This cherry and limestone bath replaced a tiny, cluttered space meant for guest use. The curved-front vanity maximizes usable space with two deep drawers on double extension drawer slides.

Small Spa Retreat

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This small bathroom remodel was constrained by bedrooms on either side, so it wasn’t possible to increase square footage. To make the space feel roomier, white marble tile and several mirrored surfaces wrap the room. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets add height, while a glass shower wall eliminates the visual barrier of a shower curtain or doors. Rich wood tones add warmth and create balance.

Mediterranean Styled Two Item Bathroom

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Mediterranean styled ceramic tiles set up on the wall surface are beautifully incorporated with timeless tool dimension mirror, white sink, gold faucet as well as twin candle-look lamp. No countertop as well as cupboards included permit more spaces for designing as well as doing the morning routine.

Green White Styled Modern Bathroom

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A mix of nature shades, green and white gives relaxing state of mind in the area. White wall floor tiles come to be primary design to go with white sink, countertop, cabinet, bathroom and also white bath tub. Attractive white light bulb light makes the bathroom brighter.

Abstract Styled Tiny Bathroom

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Dominate the entire wall surface decoration is the abstract paint with irregular blue dots. Right above the singe white sink with gold tap is simple styled mirror with twin red lights on each side. Abstract paint on one side adds a lot more personality.

Classis Favorite Small Bathroom With Nature Aspect

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A timeless touch never ever stops working. This moment, gold marble countertop as well as sink is incorporated together with triple cupboards beneath. On the side is a traditional white commode decorated with a flower holder as well as expanding trees. A perfect dimension of shower room is enhanced with several styled ceramic tiles.

Modern Full Bathroom In White

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White stands for purity so this little bathroom is dominated with white wall surface, white sink with silver tap as well as white tub. Frameless mirror is added over the sink with a towel pole below. To create the contrast, timber flooring is picked.

Ultra Modern 3-Piece Bathroom

Delight very small bathroom remodel ideas #Tinyspace #Vanities #Apartmenttherapy #Masterbathroomideas

Simpleness is its appeal. On one side, solitary white rectangle-shaped sink with towel storage space below and a toilet on the side is made fully practical with full-sized frameless mirror. On the other side, a modern styled shower area is divided with glass door.

Large Minimalist Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Astonishing very small bathroom remodel #Tinyspace #Vanities #Apartmenttherapy #Masterbathroomideas

Simple yet lovely is just what this large bathroom stands for. Soft brown wooden ceramic tile well incorporates the soft grey wall color. Wood necklace illumination over the sink adds another wood element next to wooden home window. In the center is a rectangle-shaped bathroom carpet for heat and a mini coffee table publication for publications.

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