38+ Best Modern Blue Bedroom for Your Home

Modern Blue Bedroom – If blue is your favorite color, then you will certainly like this list of bedrooms we have today. Aside from being blue, the bedroom designs that you are about to see have contemporary design styles. You can observe how each space vary in style which actually depends on how the owners of these bedrooms wanted to decorate their own private haven. After all, a bedroom is a private place where one can be himself.

Today, we will show you this list of blue contemporary bedrooms. Expect that the shade and tone of blue varies in each bedroom. Take note of how each tone affects the ambiance of the entire bedroom like a light blue bedroom looks lively and fun while a dark blue bedroom looks more private and formal. Now, take a look at what we have collated for you guys!


Draw The Line Design

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A contemporary bedroom that has a minimal design. The combination of white and black with blue is lovely.

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Dress a large bay window with statement curtains made from two complementary fabric designs. Soften the look with white walls, a cosy rug and themed bedlinen.

Tribeca Penthouse

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Sprinkles of blue adorn the room in the upholstered bench, pillows and cushions. The wall art above the black headboard is very attractive!

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Introduce shades of blue into your bedroom design with a few key accessories and fabrics – here, a deep blue throw is teamed with patterened cushions.

Contemporary Bedroom

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The bedding is from Jonathan Adlers Happy Chic collection combining different patterns in blue. We love the upholstered walls too!

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Choose wallpaper in a rich indigo blue shade and combine with distinct fabric prints and other textural designs for a unified look.

Mt. Desert Island

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We love the look of this bedroom. It looks fresh and very relaxing. The duvet with bird prints is from Dwell Studios.

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Create a French vibe with embroidered bedlinen and a romantic blue and cream patterned headboard. Here, pretty accessories have been chosen in complementary shades.


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Playful and sophisticated combining color, clean lines, large-scale patterns and classic furniture styles.

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Not sure how to introduce pattern into your bedroom? Transform a simple divan bed with a padded headboard in a striking blue Ikat design and layer up with throws, pillows and cushions.

Noe Valley fun

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The bed is fabulous but the chandelier made all the difference. This style of Chandelier is known as the Maria Theresa, so named after Queen Maria Theresa of Germany.

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Not sure how to put together a blue bedroom design? Try using a pretty Oriental-style wallpaper as a backdrop and combining it with a light blue satin bedspread and teal velvet headboard.

Fort Morgan Beach Home

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Those frames on the all are super cute! This bedroom has a blue ceiling that is deeper teal looking super crisp framed by the white ceiling trim.

Love bold colour? Be brave and go for a bright peacock blue.Team with a few white accessories to soften the look.

Teenage Girl’s Room

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Aside from the bed, a long bench was added with storage areas below it so that if a friend comes to sleepover, the teenage girl could accommodate here. Nice bedroom, right?

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Give your bed a makeover with a beach-inspired patterned headboard. Add blue bedlinen for an extra shot of colour.

Bright, Modern Bedroom

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Catch a glimpse of a mix of bold, but sophisticated patterns from the wall to the cover. You can actually see patterns everywhere! Adding a pink duvet to this blue bedroom is a great idea as it adds fun into the space.

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Give a classic blue and white scheme a modern twist with geometric designs in varying scales for an eye-catching effect.

Pacific Textures – Phoenix

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A bedroom for a luxury downtown condo wherein most of the items were custom designed and fabricated while others were ordered through industry showrooms.

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Try an unsual paint idea in your bedroom. Here, the walls are painted horizontally in blue – creating the look of a dado rail.

Miami-Master Bedroom A

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The rug in this bedroom with blue walls is hemp and silk. The kind of weird painting was part of the client’s collection of artworks from modern Chinese artists.

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Transform your bedroom to a boudoir and line the walls with a classic blue wallpaper. Place a period-style blue bed against a backdrop of beautiful Italian strung curtains to complete the look.

Colorful Bedroom

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That wall art is indeed colorful and breaks the monotony of blue in this gorgeous bedroom. The carpet is Diamond Baratta line at Stark Carpet.

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Inky blue is the perfect colour option for a unisex bedroom and it creates a moody look in this example. Steal this style with similar floor-to-ceiling curtains, inky bed linen, damask details and an oversized Anglepoise floor lamp.

Amazing teal and grey bedroom ideas #Rusticmodernbedroom #Masterbedroom #Basements #Bedroomdesign

Introduce colour and sophistication to a primarily white bedroom, with a subtle blue damask feature wall and a sumptuous powder blue quilt.

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Combine vibrant blue and zesty lime accessories with bold floral wallpaper, for a contemporary edge in a vintage-themed bedroom.

Kennington Water Tower

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Striped headboard and covers with pops of red and give it a nautical feel.

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Layer on lots of contrasting blue and white striped bedding for a casual country vibe.

Meat Packing Duplex

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A blue bedroom that seems to be located in the mezzanine. Note the play of patterns combined together in dark blue for the pillows and blanket.

Achieve casual style in the bedroom but with an added air of sophistication, with navy wood wall panelling and matching soft furnishings.

Downtown Minneapolis

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Now that is indeed a blue bedroom! Everything is in blue! But we think this is a bit dark especially that the space is small. If not for the windows, this room will really be dark.

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Be inspired by this bright and breezy beach-inspired scheme for your next bedroom makeover. Swap your bed for a four-poster, drape over a floaty aqua dip-dyed voile and fix with seashell curtain ties.

Renovation Admirals Cove Condo

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Who said you cannot use plates as wall decor in the bedroom? Well, you can just like this bedroom in blue and white!

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Make a statement in the bedroom by placing rich blue velvet pieces and striped accessories against a backdrop of floral wallpaper in citric chartreuse yellow.

400 Downd

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One gorgeous contemporary bedroom that has a subtle luxurious appeal from its blue walls and pillars to its patterned pillow, wall art and table lamps.

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Choose calming blue and green hues fused together in mottled fabrics and marbled walls for a peaceful under the sea feel in the bedroom.

Terrapin Residence

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The pillow fabric for this bedroom is from Donghia. Look at how the patterns work well together using different tones of blue! Those pendant lights on the sides look like droplets and are very cute!

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Switch plain curtains for Eastern-inspired drapes in cobalt and crisp white, to liven up a dull bedroom in an instant. Throw a similar bedspread into the mix to pull the scheme together.


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