kitchen backsplash ideas

A backsplash makes a big impact for kitchen design. It is installed above a countertop or sink to protect the walls from daily damage. Today’s backsplashes also serve as a key design element in the kitchen. An elaborate kitchen backsplash complements the room’s decor and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. The new brand backspalsh really sets the mood and style, brings all of the other decorative and functional elements together and has been proven to increase the entire look and value of your kitchen.

Tin Wall

When it comes to unexpected kitchen backsplash ideas that are affordable and easy to install, sometimes it pays to think outside of the box.

For a completely original look with a nod to vintage styling, why not consider a forever-chic tin wall adorned with filigree details? Even better, tin walls are also easy to clean and maintain and can last for years to come.


When it comes to a white kitchen backsplash that’s far from common white tiles, inexpensive shiplap has become a viable option as of late thanks to its minimal look and sleek appeal.

And when it comes to unique kitchen backsplash ideas that no one else will have before you, our renovation experts were quick to point to a shiplap kitchen backsplash as a savvy direction to go.

Accent Wall Kitchen Backslash

Maybe you don’t need a kitchen backsplash running the parameter of your entire kitchen, so how about an accent wall in a key area, like behind your stove?

This will allow you to experiment with kitchen backsplash ideas and materials, from wallpaper to tile to shiplap, the options are endless, and you’ll still get to highlight visual play, even on a small portion of a wall.

Mirrored Tile

Mirrored tiles make for unique and glamorous kitchen backsplash ideas as they’ll work to reflect light, add more depth, and make the space appear larger and more grand in general.

And as an added bonus, you’ll be able to double-check your look while entertaining. And they take just a few minutes to clean.

Unique Tile Shapes

Source uniquely shaped tiles when exploring kitchen backsplash ideas for a completely original statement. Shapes that veer away from common squares and rectangles are a great option to make your kitchen backsplash unique to your home.

Molded Backslash

If you aren’t a frequent cooker yet still want the space to feel complete and well-judged, molded panels make for a striking alternative to backsplash tile as they provide a completely different look and feel.

After all, when you don’t use your kitchen frequently, who says that your kitchen backsplash has to follow all of the rules? That said, keep resell potential in mind if you are looking to move in the near future as the look is stunning, yet impractical for daily use.

A Brilliant Mural

For a completely original kitchen backsplash, bring in an expert artisan to hand paint an evocative mural boasting an idyllic scene that’s certain to boost the value of your property while keeping you and guests mesmerized by its tranquil beauty.

And while this isn’t an option when planning kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget, if you do have funds to invest, a custom painted mural backsplash will pay for itself in the long run. That said, we suggest avoiding designs that are too common, themed, or busy as they will age fast and you’ll find yourself tired and uninspired in no time.

Penny Tiles

Always popular and easy to source and install, penny kitchen backsplash ideas are great for potential resale value and for those who aren’t looking to update their kitchen backsplash every few years.

As far as kitchen backsplash trends go, penny tiles probably rank number one, and our interior designers see no signs of that waning anytime in the near future.

Beveled White Tiles

Beveled tiles are often referred to as subway tiles (as being rectangular doesn’t negate regular tiles as so). Beveled edges can turn an otherwise plain white tile into something more defined and attractive, allowing you to create a retro-style kitchen backsplash while keeping the look and feel elegant and stylish. Use them to create an enviable all-white kitchen, or as a neutral contrast against bright or dark kitchen units.

Plus they will never go out of style and are one of the best options if you are looking to resell your home in the future.

Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles

There is something about the geometry of a hexagonal tile that always makes a room look fresh and more unique, and the same is true of hexagonal mosaic tiles. You can mix and match colors if you have a simple kitchen (an all-white one for example) of you can go for just one color if you are looking to introduce texture.

You can also contrast white mosaic tiles with dark grout to create a memorable impact while turning your kitchen backsplash into a key feature. Hexagonal tiles add an intriguing graphic effect to even the sparsest of kitchens and are also easy to source and inexpensive at that.

Blue and White Tiles

Pretty, timeless, and intricate – a backsplash tile in a pretty Chinoiserie or Moroccan inspired blue and white pattern can lend a rich and exotic touch to any kitchen, even a standard white kitchen. If you’re looking to introduce color in your kitchen but want to stick to one color and pattern, printed blue and white tiles are just about the subtlest way to to do so.

A lively blue and white scene will lend your kitchen a traditional feel as well as vintage look – depending on what you style them with throughout the room.

Herringbone Tiles

Arranging your tiles in a herringbone pattern instantly makes a kitchen look more well-judged even if it’s just a standard plain kitchen design as the tiles will instantly add more depth and visual interest.

Use dark grout to accentuate the herringbone design and to draw attention to the unique layout of your kitchen tiles. Herringbone tiles also pair well with Art-Deco and minimal design styles as they are subtle enough to send a quiet statement rather than an overbearing one.

Pale Yellow Tiles

There’s joy to be found in the soothing effect a soft muted yellow has on the eye and how cozy and soothing your kitchen backsplash will make the room feel. Pale yellow tiles look stunning in a French-style kitchen; giving it a bright and relaxed feel.

As kitchen backsplash trends for 2019 go, this one does bring with it a slightly retro feel that should be modernized with sleek cabinetry and Art-Deco to keep the look contemporary.

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