30+ Beautiful Stylish Black Kitchen Cabinets Inspirations

Black kitchen cabinets – Modern design trends generally point to all white as the kitchen color palette of choice. But what about on the opposite end of the spectrum? Top interior designers are beginning to make black as common in our home as it is in our wardrobes.

The result? Spaces that feel simple and intentional, and a splendidly spooky.

If you thought that painting cabinets is an overwhelming job, then deciding to paint them black tends to make the task a lot more challenging. However, for some people black is a favorite color and probably just about the only shade that won’t frighten others. So take a moment to check out these pictures below.

Traditional with a Twist

Miraculous 42 cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: British Standard

This English kitchen takes an eclectic spin on a two-toned kitchen style, extending black above the lower cabinets to create a painted backsplash.

Reinvented Industrial Kitchen

Staggering yorktowne cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Chris Snook

Black decor and industrial design are two things generally cautioned to use in small doses. However, this refurbished loft shows that rules are meant to be broken.

Contemporary Colorblock Kitchen

Terrific yellow kitchen black cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: R Z Owens Construction

This colorblocked kitchen makes a dark statement with this grand black island. A touch of marble backsplash also adds color and texture.

Monochromatic Mid-Century Kitchen

Wonderful wooden kitchen cupboards #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This stunning black and white kitchen is practically split in half: the floors and lower cabinets black, white above. The result is a sleek, bright space.

Traditional Two-Tone Kitchen

Eye-opening wood kitchen cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: The Design Yard

This traditional kitchen combines bright white with a blue-undertoned black for a look that is unique, comfortable, and timeless.

Minimalist Country Kitchen

Delight wood cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Maxa Design

This minimalist space makes a statement with black cabinetry, sure, but it’s these views that steal the show and give the room a reason to stay simple.

Warmed with Wood

Astonishing wholesale cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Neptune

The soft, warm hues coming from the beautiful light wood in this kitchen find balance with sleek black lines.

Monochrome Honeycomb Kitchen

Brilliant wholesale bathroom cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Custom black cabinetry frames this unique wooden honeycomb design acting as a backsplash in high-traffic cooking areas.

Modern Mediterranean Kitchen

Awesome white shaker kitchen cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Francois Berube Interiors

Cozy Scandinavian Kitchen

Spectacular white kitchen units #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Nicolaj Bo

Old and new elements blend in this warm Scandinavian style kitchen, complete with black cabinetry and lighting.

Transitional Two-Toned Kitchen

Best white kitchen cupboards #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Renovation Design Group

A 21st-century upgrade on Grandma’s kitchen swaps dated colors for black and white, dressed up with gold fixtures and globe pendants.

Shiny Brick Backsplash

Amazing white kitchen cabinets with black island #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Frigidare

‘Shiny’ and ‘brick’ aren’t usually paired together, but with a coat of high gloss black, it’s certain that they should be.

All-Black Industrial Kitchen

Unique white kitchen cabinets with black doors #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Seven Image Group

What do you do with tin ceilings like this? You embrace industrial-ness and go all black. What makes this dark space work is the several natural light sources.

Wood and Black Combination Kitchen

Miraculous white kitchen cabinets black knobs #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Canny Design

What’s not to love in this classy kitchen? A sparkling backsplash, black wood flooring, and horizontal grain cabinetry set this modern kitchen apart from the rest.

Clean Contemporary Kitchen

Staggering white kitchen cabinets black countertops #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Unique Spaces

The designers of this sleek kitchen took the classic early 2000’s kitchen and swapped natural wood cabinets for matte black. The results are striking.

Minimalist Color Divided Kitchen

Terrific white kitchen cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Ebstone Kitchens

Simple, but stunning. A pop of yellow in the statement art piece keeps this basic kitchen from looking dull.

Contemporary Colorblock Kitchen

Wonderful white kitchen cabinet doors #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: carterwilliamson architects

Black, wood, and white all work together to create this inviting and comfortable eating and dining space.

Glossy Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Eye-opening white cabinets with black doors #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Jessop Architects

This kitchen literally shines, with ultra-modern cabinets with bar pulls.

Striking Black Kitchen Architecture

Delight white cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: R Z Owens Construction

Where to look first? These incredible cathedral ceilings, dreamy black cabinets, or the rich wood detailing?

Pool House Kitchen

Astonishing white and dark brown kitchen cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Poliform Australia

This poolside wet bar and kitchen gets its style from floor to ceiling matte black cabinetry that compliments the golden wood ceiling.

Elegant Black and Gold Kitchen

Brilliant white and brown cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: The Good Guys

This modern kitchen looks more like it belongs in a swanky bar than a family home, but who could complain? The gold bars are a smart and stylish update on trendy open shelves.

Black and Tan Kitchen

Awesome where to get kitchen cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Wagner Hodgson

Beautiful light grain wood draws the eye in this large and bright kitchen, while contemporary black cabinetry and accents keep the space looking crisp.

Black Accent Kitchen

Spectacular where to get bathroom vanities #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Urrutia Design

This eclectic kitchen used black subway tiles and countertops to add a certain darkness to the cooking space.

Subway Stripes Kitchen

Best where to buy kitchen cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Stephane Chamard

We’ve seen both black and white subway tile, so why not a combination of both? Horizontal stripes draw the eye across, and just like an unfortunate striped shirt, make the wall appear wider.

Painted Plywood Cabinetry

Amazing where to buy cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: The Works

Raw plywood cabinets are about as unfortunate as it gets, but take on a brand new aesthetic with a coat of matte black paint on an all-black wall.

Black Shiny Kitchen

Unique where to buy black kitchen cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Nest Architects

Sleek, flat-fronted cabinets are paired with a concrete slab countertop for a combination of two trendy textures.

A Library’s New Life

Miraculous where to buy bathroom vanity #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Auhaus Architecture

That’s right. This space once used for reading is now home to a sleek kitchen for entertaining. A nod to the library (and practicality) lives on through the gold ladder.

Golden Lighting

Staggering where to buy bathroom cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Texas Construction Company

When natural light lacks, creativity shines. Undercabinet lighting and warm hues keep this dark space light.

Industrial Scandinavian Kitchen

Terrific what color kitchen cabinets are in style #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: Juliette Byrne

This irresistible Scandinavian kitchen features some cool industrial details. Hello, black piping.

Black Backdrop Kitchen

Wonderful what color flooring go with dark kitchen cabinets #Kitchencabinet #Graykitchen #Kitchen #Kitchenideas
Source Image: ArchiBlox House

When patterns and textures like this are in play, best to keep the color scheme neutral. Black provides a perfect backdrop to this sunning wood and tile work.

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