25+ Beautiful Bathroom Mirror Ideas For a Small Bathroom

Bathroom Mirror Ideas – The bathroom space becomes totally different from the creative use of the bathroom mirror. Hence everything that goes there should be carefully chosen and thought about. Thinking about bringing in a new change then these bathroom mirrors can be a great way to create this space of the house in a unique way.

These mirrors are a great deal complex for many designers who at times find them fascinating and sometimes a nightmare.  Since there are so many things to think about like designs which could be between contemporary and standard.  Other things are shades, framework, dimensions which are not just an important decision but also affect the whole space.

If the space for the shower is not large enough then the great trick of placing a large mirror in the washroom will work. This will make the whole space look bigger. Now if the situation is opposite then you should not choose big mirrors and instead pick vintage mirrors which are smaller. They add a stylish and sophisticated look to the place.

There are many mirror ideas which can be used in the bathroom space. It is defiantly up to the users to pick and choose the one which suits their need. Thinking about a suitable choice the idea should be picked based on personal preference, what is trending and the bathroom space.

Customary Bathroom Mirror Designs with wide Framed Mirrors

Miraculous 70 inch bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Thinking about a cubbyhole ceiling picks these highly dramatic yet fragile mirrors created by Maker Women. There is a customary large frame which is painted in the same the color as the vanity so as the whole place looks like customized set-up creating one look.

The choice of the light color goes perfectly well with the mirror and creates a lot of brightness in the space. The reflection in the mirror due to the same is clear and it is a preferred space for getting ready for all occasions.

Bright Blue Background with Brass framed Mirror in Round Shape to add Contrasts

Staggering 60 x 40 bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

What is back with the blast is the use of brass along with a twist by using the lighting fixtures in the bathroom space by Shannon Eddings Interiors. The choice of blue in the back along with the gold colors looks excellent. Adding to the total look the choice of grey vanity or white vanity keeps the whole space organized and allows the mirror to shine at the center.

Long and Slender mirrors

Terrific 60 inch framed bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

There is no dearth on the Bathroom mirror ideas and this is another simple yet elegant look by Lori Dennis. Thinking about the array and blending in the mirror is a crucial element here. Choosing a slender mirror along with extended shower drapes and some painting provides a suitable feeling of a small compact shower room.

Amusing Bath Mirrors

Wonderful 60 inch bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

When you are looking for something fun for either the kid’s bathroom or adding an element in yours there are many simple ideas to do that. There are enjoyable mirror styles like the Zoo pet Motifs, under the sea styles, flowers or insects’ styles to choose from. What is also available is the choice of some personalized characters from Nickelodeon computed elements like Avatar, SpongeBob Squarepants etc.

The kid’s eyes brighten with excitement and pleasure looking at the personalized individualities in the bathroom vanity. What is even great is adding little accessories with the same designs or more elements like paper tissue holders, soap dispensers, shampoo bottles etc to allow the space to look like one entertainment zone for the kids.

Thinking about the space for adults you can do the same with choices from favorite character and then adding the same accessories or keep it separated by using the mirror with designs and then rest of the elements with no such designs. This way the whole areas will have interesting look.

Celeb Styles Vanity Mirrors

Eye-opening 55 inch bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

How would you like to bring the beauty of Hollywood in your bathroom? Can’t say no right? Change the simple shower space into a Vanity with a bright well light area just by adding shining light bulbs all along the existing or a new mirror set-up. This is a great idea for big washroom vanity mirrors as the right will reflect brightly and would require ample space to create the perfect impact.

This celeb style vanity mirror idea will not just impact the vanity areas but will make the whole place look trendy. It will not just be any common bathroom space but will turn into a great place for make-up or a thinking tank for great ideas.

Choice of Bathroom Mirror ideas

There are half Bathroom Ideas’ to ‘Full Bathroom ideas’ which includes the designs which can be included, from choosing the right layout, fixtures and colors etc, Thinking about the décor the main thing which stands out is the use and choice of mirrors. They are a necessity and hence should be focused on and should not lack style.

The choice can be made from re-doing to the whole bathroom space or just a simple change in the mirror to update the style with just one single piece, we have many ideas regarding the bathroom mirrors that will help you create a unique bathroom.

Double Mirrors

Delight 50 inch bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity
Source : https://freshome.com

Create a bathroom which is twice as attractive by duplicating the mirrors style into two or maybe even three such mirrors. This is a common choice for two sinks but is not limited to it and can be done with multiple mirrors where there is space. It is great for places with long large single-sink vanity. As opposed to one mirror it creates a better impact.


Astonishing 48 x 36 framed bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity
Source : https://freshome.com

Something that stands apart from the rest of the ideas is the choice of unique designs and unconventional shapes. This is the easiest way to introduce something different in an effective way. There are many vintage designs and shapes which do the job for you. These intricate patterns are a great way to add sophisticated statements to the bathroom with having to go through the trouble of choosing many things.

Thinking about the preferences this is the first choice of many but when it comes to modern designs the designers get in a fix. This great style of bringing back the celebrated designs will create a elegant look to your bathroom space.

Combination styles

Brilliant 48 x 36 bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity
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You do not always have to follow patterns what can be done here is a simple choice of differently shaped mirrors which you can harmonize in a gallery format. The trick here is to vary the mirrors so that they elevate each other’s beauty and not obstruct it. Do not make the mistake of doing it all over the place choose only one wall for the same.

Hanging them

Awesome 48 inch wide bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity
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Of course, you hang them on the wall but what we are talking about here is not nail hanging them but suspending the bathroom mirrors using a rope or a wire.  This is a great idea to add something unique and it is an interesting choice of the material that you wish to use. Make sure whatever material you are using is durable and strong so that there is no risk.  The frame should also be light so that it does not create much pressure on the holdings but should be firm so that it stays still.

Illuminate them

Spectacular 48 inch bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity
Source : https://freshome.com

Just by adding a little backlight even the simple mirror becomes glamorous. If you are installing a new mirror then you can buy one with the lights but even with existing mirror, you can add lights yourself simply. When you get ready in the space there mirrors are great for makeup or checking the face details. You have to be careful about the lights that you choose in the space keep them soft and do not use fluorescent or bright lights. This is a great choice for the bathroom spaces where there is low natural light.

Choose big size

Best 48 bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity
Source : https://freshome.com

Large mirrors are a great choice when you have enough space on the wall; they help in bringing natural light and make the place look impressive. The frame of these large mirrors should be carefully chosen which will give them a sophisticated look. If you wish to go for a minimalistic look then leave the mirror without the frame.

Long and Skinny Mirrors

Amazing 42 inch bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to bathroom mirrors and now what we have here is mirrors as long as the length of the whole place. This height can be used in a dramatic way to enhance the look of the bathroom. The idea is to play with proportion and be creative about it. Keep the frame minimal so that the whole things which stand out is the mirror. There should be no other distractions along with them and keeping them skinny will highlight the vertical lines. It creates an illusion which is enticing.

Unique 42 bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

This are gorgeous and giving me LIFE.

Miraculous 40 inch bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

What you can do here is choose the shape as per your liking; you can go for round shape or oval shape instead of the rectangular ones as you like.

Ceiling Suspended mirrors

Staggering 36x36 bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

There is always something new that you can do with the mirrors and what we have here is what we like to call the latest innovation with the Bathroom Mirrors. You have heard about hanging but how about ceiling suspension which not only saves your walls bit also adds an element of interest in the place. They allow you to look up to the height and yet are pretty simple for the appeal.  The background tiles or the work of marble on the rest of the platform will add beautiful contrast or will make a delicious cocktail.

Terrific 36 x 36 framed bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Tall and skinny AND suspended. Wonders never cease.

Wonderful 36 x 36 bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Eye-opening 36 wide bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Vintage Look for the Bathroom Mirrors

Vintage designs are a great option for elegance and sophistication and when it comes to bathroom Mirror ideas they are no different.  Now you do not have to go all Vintage for the same and what you can choose for instead is a blend of modern styles and vintage look. When going for an antique bathroom mirror it gives a captivating statement. It is nothing less than a well-framed artwork.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Two Square Mirror

Delight 36 inch wide bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Going away from the rectangular two mirrors in the space you can choose two square mirrors. This provides a good personal space for each person using the restroom and can also be used to delegate the responsibility of cleaning them. There is no hard science here and the choice between the shapes is all personal.

3 simple Idea around  Styling Two round Bathroom Mirrors

When you are talking about shape each one of them has their own effect. Instead of choosing the sharp-edged rectangular or square ones choose circles to create a very pleasing and calming vibe.

They are a simple way to offer a slightly unique look and also create a clear line of demarcation between those strong lines which runs all over the place.

Top 1 Two Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Astonishing 36 inch vanity mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Top 2 Two Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Brilliant 36 inch bathroom vanity mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Top 3 Two Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Awesome 36 inch bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

5 Great Ideas Around Styling Two Rectangular Bathroom Mirrors

When you have two vanity then choosing two rectangular mirrors is the most effective remedy.

It is often seen that the accountability is shared when there are separate vanity and mirrors and also the chances of creating a monopoly over the space is decreased.

There are many choices like choosing a small rectangular mirror for separate cabinets like for medicines or towels etc or opting for long sleek ones which have a lot of different representation.

Top 1 Two Rectangular Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Spectacular 30 x 42 bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Top 2 Two Rectangular Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Best 30 x 40 bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Top 3 Two Rectangular Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Amazing 30 x 36 framed bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Top 4 Two Rectangular Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Unique 30 x 36 bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Top 5 Two Rectangular Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Miraculous 30 x 34 bathroom mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

French-design Bathroom Mirrors with Ostentatious Background

Staggering 30 x 32 mirror #Bathroomideas #Bathroommirrorideas #Bathroomvanity

Thinking about the lights inside the Bathroom area is an important decision. The effect is that everything just glows up and thus the mirror vanity, background lights, fixtures, and fittings have a huge impact on the whole space. They make the place look elegant and extravagant with glamorous settings.

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