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Training Centers

We seek to provide economic aid and support to potential new businesses; however, such aid is not of much use if the people who receive it don't have the knowledge to set up a viable business. With this in mind, we are planning to set up two different kinds of training centers for the Mosuo; vocational training, and professional skills training.

Vocational training centers will focus on training people in basic skills that they can use to make money, and possibly build on in future. For example, we have already set up a women's training center where young women are trained how to hand-weave local cloths and clothing.   We then assist these women to sell those products, providing them with a viable income. This particular project is especially important to provide an alternative to becoming prostitutes; to let younger women see that they have other options to make money besides becoming prostitutes. The woman who runs the training center (picture at left) is very dedicated to this goal, and has already had several students (some as young as 16) who had planned to become prostitutes, but are now working with her instead.

We want to eventually combine this program with some of our other economic programs. For example, after a woman at the training center has mastered all the necessary skills, we could provide a microloan for her to start a small weaving business of her own, where she can hire and train other girls to work for her.

Professional skills training programs will focus on more professional knowledge and skills.   Things like accounting methods, leadership training, or other business fundamentals. These training programs will be run on a periodic basis, traveling to different Mosuo communities.   The goal is to provide local Mosuo with more knowledge and skills, to give them the greatest opportunity for success.

If you are interested to get involved, to provide financial support or to get involved as a trainer, please do contact us.



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photos taken by Danny Gawlowski and Josie Liming