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The vast majority of tour “information” that is out there presents the Mosuo culture in a very inaccurate manner. Most commonly, this is to describe Lugu Lake as the “Women's Kingdom”, some kind of matriarchal utopia where there are no problems. This is, at least, based somewhat on the truth, but contains a lot of misinformation as well.

Much more dangerous are “sex tours”; tours that are organized advertising Lugu Lake as a place where “the women sleep with anyone”. Steadily increasing numbers of tourists are coming to Lugu Lake with a vision of a place where young, beautiful women will just jump into bed with them.

Not only is this a gross misrepresentation of Mosuo culture, but it does great damage to the reputation of the Mosuo people, not to mention promoting the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases. It has led to the development of a very active prostitution industry…one where, ironically, most of the prostitutes are not actually Mosuo women, but rather women brought in from other areas and dressed to look like they are Mosuo.

Our goal is to set up our own tours, but to do so in responsible and sensitive manner. Our tours will focus more on education, and will be targeted at people who have a specific interest in learning about the Mosuo culture. These tours will include visits not only to the main tourist areas, but also to more ‘traditional' Mosuo villages, where visitors can see what life is really like for the average Mosuo.

If you are interested in visiting Lugu Lake, please do feel free to contact us. We will be setting up formal tours as often as possible (and if you can get a group of people together who want to go, we can make arrangements to accommodate you), and even for people who want to go on their own, or as part of another group, we can provide additional resources and information for you once you get there.


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photos taken by Danny Gawlowski and Josie Liming