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Main Page – Introduction, Special News (main.html)

I) the Mosuo
                        A) Mosuo Culture (mosuo.html)
                                    a. Matriarchal/Matrilineal culture (matri.html)
                                    b. Walking Marriages (walking.html)
                                    c. Religion (religion.html)
                                    d. Mosuo & Naxi (naxi.html)
                                    e. Coming of Age (coming.html)
                        B) Lugu Lake (lugu.html)
                        C) Daily Life (daily.html)
                        D) Mosuo Myths & Misperceptions (myths.html)
                        E) Further information (further.html)
                        F) Portraits (portraits.html)

II) the projects
                       A) Education (education.html)
                                    a. Teachers (teachers.html)
                                           i. Teacher Training
                                           ii. Teacher Scholarships
                                           iii. Volunteer Teachers
                                    b. Students (students.html)
                                           i. Student Scholarships
                                           ii. Resources/Materials
                        B) Culture/Religion (culreli.html)
                                    a. Artist Retreat Center (artcenter.html)
                                    b. Daba Religion (daba.html)
                                    c. Anthropological Studies (anthrop.html)
                                    d.Mosuo Arts Festival (artsfest.html)
                                    e. Mosuo Cultural Museum (museum.html)
                        C) Mosuo Language Project (language.html)
                                    a. Development (langue1.html)
                                    b. Teaching (langue2.html)
                                    c. Creating records (langue3.html)
                        D) Economic (economic.html)
                                    a. Microloans and grants (grants.html)
                                    b. Training Centers (training.html)
                                    c. Mosuo Business Support (bizsupport.html)
                        E) Tourism (tourism.htm)
                                    a. Tours (tours.html)
                                    b. Mosuo Information Center (infocenter.html)
                        F) Environment (environ.html)
                        G) Medical (medical.html)

III) the organization
                       A) Committee Members (scmembers.html)
                                    a. Women's Sub-committee (womensc.html)
                                    b. Culture/Religion Sub-committee (culturesc.html)
                                    c. Tourism Sub-committee (tourismsc.html)
                                    d. Education Sub-committee (educationsc.html)
                                    e. Environment Sub-committee (environsc.html)
                        B) Statement of Purpose & Philosophy (statement.html)
                        C) Our Logo (logo.html)

IV) the choices
                        A) Volunteering (volunteering.html)
                        B) Donations (donations.html)
                        C) Publicity (publicity.html)

Forum (forum.html)
Contact (contact.html)
Site Map (sitemap.html)
FAQ (faq.htm)




© 2006 Lugu Lake Mosuo Cultural Development Association

photos taken by Danny Gawlowski and Josie Liming