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Mosuo & Naxi

The Mosuo are officially classified as part of the Naxi minority by the Chinese government. This often causes a great deal of confusion, particularly for Chinese, who mix the two cultures up.

The Mosuo culture is distinctly different from Naxi culture. They have a different language, practice a different religion, and have a completely different culture. However, due to some historical confusions (at various times in history, the Chinese term “Mosuo” was actually used to describe different ethnic groups, including the Naxi), and lack of real knowledge about the Mosuo, they ended up being grouped with the Naxi. (If you'd like to read more detailed anthropological accounts of the different ethnic groups in the area, and the usage of the terms “Naxi” and “Mosuo” in past and present, check out our “Further Information” section).



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photos taken by Danny Gawlowski and Josie Liming