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Another area which is both important and controversial is economic development. Many Mosuo want economic development to improve their standard of living, to get greater opportunities for their children, etc.

However, the barriers facing them are quite significant. With annual incomes that average US$ 150-200 in some communities, it is hard even to get started. And even if they can get the money, most Mosuo have little or no experience or knowledge about how to run a business.

A lot of younger Mosuo girls are being taken out of school because of the perception that men have a better chance of getting jobs when they graduate. This leads to a situation where many young women, not seeing any alternatives to make money, turn to prostitution.

Our projects seek to address these issues directly; to provide resources and knowledge that give the Mosuo more choices, and more opportunities.



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photos taken by Danny Gawlowski and Josie Liming