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Culture & religion

We tie culture and religion together because, in the Mosuo culture, the two are so closely interwoven. The native Mosuo religion, Daba, is in many ways the repository of Mosuo history and culture; having only an oral language, the Daba priests have the responsibility to memorize a long, detailed oral tradition that encapsulates much of the Mosuo history and culture.   And, of course, much of the Mosuo culture are derived from the influence that both Daba and Tibetan Buddhism have had on them.

Our focus in this regard is two-fold; both to engage in projects that promote cultural preservation, and to promote awareness of the Mosuo culture among other people.

One of our biggest and most aggressive projects in this regard is so important that we've given it its own section – our work to develop a written form of the Mosuo language. Other projects are not as large, but are equally important. From supporting the Mosuo Cultural Museum, to hosting an annual Mosuo Arts Festival, to setting up an Artist Retreat Center where artists can come and learn about the Mosuo while engaged in artistic projects, the scope of our plans is very broad, and our goals are very ambitious.

We are also always open to new ideas and suggestions; please feel free to visit our discussion forum, and share your ideas and experiences with us.


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photos taken by Danny Gawlowski and Josie Liming