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Mosuo Arts Festival

This is an idea which was begun by an American anthropologist, Tami Blumenfield, who has spent a number of years living with and studying the Mosuo. What she did was to organize a “Mosuo Film Festival” at which they showed the Mosuo various documentary films and programs that have been produced about the Mosuo. The purpose was to help the Mosuo understand how the outside world sees them, and how other people are portraying their culture.

This film festival had a very positive effect, and a very strong response. It is our hope to expand and build on this in future years, by holding a “Mosuo Arts Festival”. This festival will include the film festival, but will also be expanded to include other activities such as contests to write new songs in the Mosuo language, to have dancing performances/contests, etc. We also hope to have the Mosuo produce their own videos about themselves, and show them at this festival.

The purpose of this is to generate greater excitement among the Mosuo, particularly in the younger generation, for their own culture and heritage. In addition, hopefully this will serve as a major resource for non-Mosuo to learn about and better understand the Mosuo culture and life, from their point of view.


© 2006 Lugu Lake Mosuo Cultural Development Association

photos taken by Danny Gawlowski and Josie Liming