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Anthropological studies

The Mosuo are an anthropological treasure trove, and quite a few anthropologists have done studies of the Mosuo culture. However, the majority of this work is relatively inaccessible; and there is still much more work to be done.

Our major goal in this area is to organize a central ‘library' of resources about the Mosuo culture. To collect the various research papers that have been written; to track down the various presentations (particularly video) about the Mosuo; and, where necessary, to translate such materials into English, Chinese, and/or other languages.

For example, there is a Mosuo scholar, Lamu Gatusa, who has done phenomenal research on his peoples' culture and history; however, at present, his work is available only in Chinese language. We'd like to translate that into English, and possibly other languages. There have been many documentaries produced – in Chinese, English, and other languages – about the Mosuo, and we would like to track them down, and get the proper permissions for their use.

Another goal is to work with and assist any anthropologists coming in to study the Mosuo.  
We will not provide funding for such anthropologists (we expect them to find funding on their own); but we will be happy to help them in any way we can. By providing translators/interpreters, by giving them access to our library of resources, by introducing them
to local people/communities, etc.

Anyone who is interested in this, and would like more information, please contact us.


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photos taken by Danny Gawlowski and Josie Liming